Welcome to Arxy

Hi to all alternate web surfers landing on this page, and welcome to my secret stash of thougths. At the moment you get no thougths because I have to learn how to do graphic design first, but in the meantime feel free to look around and check what kind of progress i've been up to in here.

Arxy's miniblog

2023-06-08 - I got a job!

Well that's it, last month I got a job as a full stack developer!

I've been studying a lot of JS and python and other web dev related stuff. Too bad none of them seem to be useful for my website because i'm not working on frontend development :(

Oh well, I hope i'll get some time on weekends to improve the webland. See ya!


Took me two days to notice a typo in the css file name :(

everything was u n s t y l i s h but now I fixed it.

Graphic design is not my passion

Got inspired to make something from scratch and I came up with this pixelated look. Unfortunately i'ts unreadable :(

Netx up is finding a better font for smaller text. Also I should improve alignment and the size of the sidebar and whatnot.

"Graphic design is my passion"

I went looking around the Neocities cosmos for some inspiration aand... well them funky themes seems a little too complex for me right now so i'll start with something simple for my webthingy

I'll go for something black and white and then add some color once I learn a bit more about web design and such.